2 x Alpirsbacher Special 5,2% vol. 5 liters of party barrel

Manufacturer: Alpirsbacher Klosterbräu

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content 10 Liter (GBP 2.32 * / 1 Liter)
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PRODUCT INFORMATION "2 x Alpirsbacher Special 5,2% vol. 5 liters of party barrel"

With taps - no dispensing system necessary

Brewing: bottom fermented
Taste: full-bodied fresh
Original wort content: 12.5%
Color: brilliant golden
Alcohol content: 5.2% vol.
Drinking temperature: 11 ° C

Alpirsbacher Klosterbräu Spezial is a powerful monastery beer with a round, full-bodied body and a distinctive character. Its unmistakable trademark: the particularly high content of the original wort. In its noble and malty taste, the original soul of our beers is revealed. What Carl Albert Glauner already knew in 1880 and still applies today: with the passion for the high art of beer brewing, our well-kept treasure - the famous brewing water - and finely balanced recipes, distinctive beer specialties can be brewed.




History and stories
We write the year 1880, when the Braukessel in the monastery brewery emerges a unique spicy flavor: Carl Albert Glauner, who takes the reins of the brewery at the tender age of just 18 years, stands before the reward of his hard work: He is A truly special brew, which he christened in the name of "Klosterbräu Spezial" - in accordance with the long tradition of the monastery beer, which goes back to the beer-brewing monks of the Benedictine monasteries: they developed the Braukunst steadily further and brewed more powerful beers as they were in sufficient Range of high-quality raw materials. A unique, protected yeast strain still ensures the uniqueness of this monastery beer.
The indispensable helpers of Carl Albert Glauner: A good quantum of imagination, diligence and tenacity, for which we are almost world-famous. Soon the "special" was to place the six breweries at the back of the place.
"Excellent - unsurpassed - quite exquisite," was the firmly anchored motto of the young Carl Albert. Its formula, which has been created by him, still holds today what its independent character with the golden color promises: a taste experience of a very special kind.

This is what the sommelier means
Brilliant, bright gold color with fine pored and firm foam. It smells strongly of malt aromas, with flowery-fruity herbs and cellar-like, spicy nuances. The pleasantly sparkling antrunk is followed by an elegant, round body, in which a soft bitterness is involved. In the finish, this beer is powerful and harmonious at the same time.


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