American spirit blend original natural twist tobacco, 30 g

American spirit blend original natural twist tobacco, 30 g

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Content: 30 Gramm (GBP14.40 * / 100 Gramm)

American spirit blend natural original DrehtabakNatural American spirit® original blend to rotate is available for all those who want to not only filter-free smoke, but want to enjoy also the creative ritual of turning your own cigarettes since 1999. Also our Rotary tobacco original blend contains the same high quality tobacco mixture as our cigarette maker. However, is the tobacco blend of the original finer and long fibrous cut, which leads to a better rotation property. We are happy to be able to offer this alternative, even if it means additional challenges for us: standard Rotary tobaccos, which are manufactured by the industry, have a moisture content of 16 - 18%. This humidity value, there is a risk that the product becomes moldy something that normally prevents using preservatives. Because we add any additives such as Humectants or preservatives to our tobacco, the tobacco humidity, we produce must not exceed 14%. It is possible that you natural American spirit® original blend a bit compared to other brand dry will find.

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